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The Fish Hut is still importing fish, breeding and selling but I tend to use the facebook page more these days for listing fish and keeping in contact with people….




Now in stock…

Betta imbellis & Betta smaragdina

Fantastic fish, well settled and ready to go £10 a pair…

send me an email for more details
Colin.fishhut AT

Tuesday 29th should see an exciting wee shipment coming in. Got a lot of Bettas, Channa, Parosphromenus and a few others arriving!

As usual they will get to settle for a few days after their journey but if you have pre-ordered I’ll be in touch as of Wednesday to let you know the score. Sometimes there may be a species or two out of stock, partly just because they are seasonal and some of the less commonly kept species of tropical fish.

Hopefully we should see…

Channa Sp. Blue Galaxy
Channa pulchra
Channa bankanensis
Betta dimidiata
Betta enisae
Betta siamorientalis
Betta smaragdina
Betta imbellis
Betta pugnax
Betta albimarginata
Betta channoides
Betta cocinna
Betta simplex
Parosphromenus ornaticauda
Ctenops nobilis
Indostomus crocodilus
Parosphromenus filamentosa
Sphaerichthys vaillanti
Betta brownorum
Betta antoni
Betta anabantoides

Hi everyone,

Please note that this new shop opening in Cowdenbeath, Scotland is NOTHING to do with me. They are using the same name, The Fish Hut, and I have sent a couple messages to the owner asking if they can slightly alter the name to save any confusion. With a bit of luck that should sort it out. Two aquatic places with the same name less than fifty miles apart isn’t a good idea.

This is my FaceBook Page –

here’s a list of some fish available for April to order – Need orders by the 24th of April and as usual they’ll have a quarantine period…

It’s attached as a pdf for Adobe Reader/Acrobat highlighted in green below…



The Fish Hut April

Find “The Fish Hut” on Facebook for more up to date information


New stock in from Peru recently includes a couple of very healthy motoro stingrays, a large group of Corydoras fowleri, a rarer relative of the Festivum cichlid called Mesonauta mirificus and a wee relative of the Panaque wood-eating catfish – Panaqolus sp. (L206)

check out the links on YouTube and give me an email for more details –



also, if you are one of the Channa friends… read this :)

Good news is that I have managed to arrange the import of another Channa order from Europe. I am looking to have this sorted out by the end of August to receive delivery some time at the start of September. So, I need to have any orders ASAP as it will only be done on a pre-order basis. Delivery is available to any UK postcode and if you want groups of fish then we can work out a discounted price… although these are very good prices anyway 

All fish are captive bred and are juveniles – if you need to know exact sizes then give me a message and I’ll find out. Most of them last time measured an average around 50 – 80mm with individuals of a species being a similar size.

stewartii £6.00
bleheri £12.00
Sp. “redfin” £17.00
Sp. “Cobalt Blue” £22.50
ornatipinnis £8.50
Sp. “Fireback” £8.50
Sp. “Mimetic pulchra” £8.50
harcoultbutleri £5.00
Sp. “Lipor” £11.50
orientalis “Kottawa Forest” £8.50
orientalis “flat head” £8.50

I received a lot of positive feedback with these fish when I did the order in April. PM me for more details

Fish in stock and currently for sale – 10th June 13

Bettas and other labyrinths –

Betta coccina – good size, mostly sexable £4.50 each or 4 for £16
Betta strohi – £13 each
Betta smaragdina – four for £28 (males and females)
Betta kuehnei – approx 20mm long F1 £7 each
Parasphaerichthys ocellatus – Mini Burmese chocolate gourami £4 each
Dario hysignon pairs for £10
Dario NEW SPECIES “Jaintia Hills” £4 each
Channa orientalis £8 each
Channa harcoultbutleri £6 each
Channa stewartii £5 each
Channa ornatipinnis £10 each
Channa Sp. “Red Fin” THREE for £40
Channa striata 4” £6 one left

Barbs –
Odessa barbs – Pethia padamya – great looking barbs £2.50 each
Eight banded barb – Eirmotus octozona – not strictly a barb though! £3 each

Catfish –

Hyalobagrus ornatus – great wee catfish! £3 each
Loaches –
Sewellia breviventralis – Nice sucker! £4.50 Not your usual species…

Tetras –

Rummynose £1.50, Lemons, neons and Glowlights all £1 each
Other stuff –

Silurana and Xenopus froglets – Totally aquatic wild-types, home bred £5 each
Gammarus Hyallela azteca starter culture – great live food!!! £10

Delivery is available on all of the above – please enquire!

At the end of April I will be travelling to Germany and will be meeting with some of the World’s foremost experts on snakeheads. I have managed to get an exclusive deal on young Channa which I will be able to collect and bring back to the UK with me.

Below is a list of what is available for ore-order, but they are in limited numbers so please PM me early to place an order. The fish will be available for me to courier out during the first week of May.

Please note, that as an example, the last time I imported Channa orientalis from Asia they were sold at about £60 each!!!! This is a chance not to be missed!

No minimum order and sizes are approx.

Channa gachua “Blue Bengal”, 5cm £5.50
Channa gachua “Turquoise” 4cm £5.50
Channa orientalis” Kottawa Forest” 4cm £7.50
Channa orientalis “Black Fin/Flathead” 3cm £7.50
Channa spec. “Fireback” 4cm £9.75
Channa spec. “Redfin” 4cm £15.00
Channa pulchra 8cm £8.50
Channa ornatipinnis 7cm £13.00
Channa harcourtbutleri 5cm £6.50
Channa spec. “Mimetic pulchra” 3cm £10.75
Channa bleheri 3cm £7.50
Channa spec. “5 stripe” 5cm £8.50
Channa spec. “Lipor” 5cm £13.00
Channa stewartii 3cm £5.50
Channa asiatica 3cm £7.50

32nd Members Weekend

6th & 7th  April 2013

IBIS Hotel, Bramley, Nr Rotherham South Yorkshire,   S66 1YY.  UK

More information can be found at and click on forthcoming


Well, my winter hibernation from fish is almost over and I have a delivery of fish due on the 20th.

Some are just some bread and butter species such as neons and rummy noses but as usual I have a few wee gems on the way 😉

For the anabantoid fans there are some large pairs of Betta patoti and pairs of Betta falx on their way. Betta falx are closely related to Betta simplex and are a very easy species for people new to mouthbrooding Betta species but are also very pretty in their own right. Betta patoti are a stunning species in the Unimaculata complex.

Another anabantoid coming in is the “Cherry Chocolate Gourami” Sphaerichthys selatanensis. This is a rarely imported little gem that does well in calm acidic blackwater tanks. Just like the regular chocolate gourami this species’ brood care falls to the female and not the male.

A new Danio species for me will be the sp. “Fire Ring”. Looking forward to seeing how they look as I really like the D. tinwini which I currently have in stock just now.

I’ll update the list on Thursday once I see what arrives as I don’t like counting chickens!!!


Well, I hate counting chickens before they have hatched but this week I am expecting a box of Altum Angels from Colombia. If interested get to me quickly as some are already booked.

Also expecting…

Parosphromenus ornaticauda

P. parvulus

Sphaerichthys vaillanti

and Channa pleuropthalma amongst others

As usual – send me an email at